PRESS RELEASE | Good Life Shares the Effects of Trump Tax Cuts

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The Good Life Companies Share the Effects of Trump Tax Cuts

Wyomissing, Pennsylvania – February 5, 2018 – Recent changes in the U.S. tax law are not only benefiting employees of large companies, smaller companies such as The Good Life Companies are sharing the tax cut windfall with employees with bonuses up to $1,000.

Because of President Trump’s tax cuts, The Good Life Companies headquartered in Wyomissing, Pennsylvania are both yielding savings as well as seeing optimism in forecasts for the growth of the organization. This will enable the company to pass rewards to more than 30 full time employees.

Additionally, The Good Life Companies also plans to increase budgetary commitments towards community projects and charitable donations. They are looking to create dozens of new jobs to enhance their offering, support their robust technology projects, and increase client service.

“I got into this business at a time when our regulations were increasing which was driving prices higher. Moreover, we were seeing more of our dollars that were needed to be redeployed back into business development and to increase employee morale, being unnecessarily spent on taxes. We are proud of our employees, proud to give back more to them, and proud to continue to expand in our local marketplace and throughout the United States,” said Conor Delaney, CEO, The Good Life Companies.

The Good Life Companies have also sparked their local economy by purchasing and renovating a 24,000-square foot commercial property in Cumru Township, Pennsylvania. The renovation has provided over $2,500,000 in revenue to local companies and employment for 100 people. The result will give Good Life and its local partners more than 100 white-collar jobs in the greater Berks County region.

The Good Life Companies is a multi-faceted organization and is comprised of four total entities. The Good Life Companies include a service company catered toward transitioning and servicing financial advisors to an independent channel, a full-serviced fixed general insurance agency, a Registered Investment Advisor and a retail financial planning practicing servicing the needs of retail clients around the country. The Good Life Companies is part of a fast-growing network of financial professionals who have made the decisions to work as independent financial advisors.

Good Life Financial Advisors, the first Good Life Companies entity, was founded in 2012 by Conor Delaney and Courtnie Nein after seeing gaps in the marketplace for successful advisors that wanted a turn-key solution to support their independent financial advisory practice.

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IN THE NEWS | Good Life Ranked #4 – Top Financial Planning Consultants

Financial Planning Consultants

Ranked by local financial planners

Good Life is a growing network of financial professionals across the country, headquartered in Berks, who have decided to work as independent financial advisors. Our network of advisors offers comprehensive financial planning, insurance services, investment management, and retirement planning to 15,000 clients nationwide. We have offices in 30+ different states, supporting more than 150 independent advisors and insurance agents as well as 50 support staff.

What makes Good Life unique is we have redefined the advisor-client relationship. Everyone wants to live a good life, but some individuals and companies like Good Life Financial Advisors pursue the mantra, “The Good Life = Health & Wealth,” more avidly than others. The idea of constantly being one’s best self is the philosophy behind Good Life. The foundation is one of practicing mindfulness, mental/physical wellness and making sure Good Life Financial Advisors addresses the needs of the community first and foremost. This culture is the core of Good Life’s new corporate headquarters located in Cumru Township, scheduled to open in March 2018.

The company’s new headquarters feels more like a “Google” rather than a typical financial institution. Equipped with a wellness center and innovative designs, the new headquarters will embody healthy living. It is here where advisors will work with local schools to introduce financial literacy and technology will be leveraged in the client’s to help deliver on individual and businesses financial goals. We will provide community workshops on nutrition, fitness, and financial education to the Berks community and our multi-purpose room will be open to non-profits throughout Berks County.

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IN THE NEWS | Courtnie Featured in BCL Women In Business

Everyone wants to live a good life, but some individuals and companies pursue this mantra more avidly than others

Berks County native Courtnie Nein, President of Good Life Financial Advisors, is dedicated to living and promoting a good life. For Courtnie and Good Life Advisors, the equation is simple: “Good Life = Health & Wealth.” In the workplace, she supports a culture of positivity, physical wellness and financial knowledge. She believes to promote financial wellness, an individual must practice mindful living in all facets of life, whether this be through volunteering, exercising, hobbies, or spending time with family. Courtnie encourages every individual to find a way of practicing good living. At Good Life, Courtnie spearheads a culture centered around a vibrant, upbeat work environment where employees are encouraged to think freely and dress for what their day demands. This culture is the core of Good Life’s new corporate headquarters, located in Cumru Township and scheduled to open in February 2018. Her progressive work mindset has earned her numerous awards, such as 2017 Forbes’ Top Next Generation Wealth Advisors Award and 2017 Forbes’ Top Millennial Advisors Award. As a mother of two young boys, she hopes to inspire working mothers to continue to be leaders in the workplace and innovators in their respective industries. Click here to see the article! 

PRESS RELEASE | Grandview Wealth Management

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WYOMISSING, PA — February 1, 2018 — Good Life announces a new partnership with Grandview Wealth Management, a Canonsburg, PA-based private practice with over 47 years of combined experience in the industry. President Philip T. Webb leads the team, which was previously with Waddell & Reed.

“We at Good Life are excited to be affiliated with Phil, Nick and James,” said Otis Jacobs, Director of Business Development at Good Life. “We believe that they will thrive within the resources and support we provide.”

Philip Webb is the Founder and President of Grandview Wealth Management, LLC. He brings along with him two advisors: Nicholas Curinga and James Kaiser. Over a decade ago Philip began his career at Merrill Lynch where he learned the importance of sound investment management and client service.  He transitioned that knowledge to several firms, primarily in the bank investment channel, before founding Grandview Wealth Management, LLC. To reach Philip Webb, please call (724) 200-7070.
“After years of building a strong financial advisory practice, the logical next step was to partner with an RIA that was forward looking.  This move will better solidify the relationships we have built with our clients and pave the path for continued success,” said Mr. Webb.

About Good Life Advisors

Good Life is driven to change the way in which financial products, services and advice are distributed to everyday clients in communities across the country. To stand out in an industry that has been largely commoditized, Good Life needs to be different to be great.  Sometimes being different is not just about being focused on the financial services offered to clients or advisors, but it is about building an ecosystem and community that improves lives. The Good Life culture is centered around a vibrant, upbeat work environment where employees are encouraged to think freely, dress for their day, all while having a strong focus on overall financial health and physical wellness. For more information, visit and

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IN THE NEWS | Advisory Firm Headquarters To Have Gym, Wellness Center For Clients

Advisory Firm Headquarters To Have Gym, Wellness Center For Clients


Conor and Court Jobsite

One Pennsylvania based advisory firm is so dedicated to improving the lives of its clients that it is constructing a fully operating 4,000-square-foot fitness institute as part of its new headquarters in Wyomissing, Pa. The Good Life Fitness Institute will be open for use by employees, clients and the general public in April — and is being constructed to model the innovative offices of Google.

Conor Delaney, financial advisor and CEO of The Good Life Companies, says the fitness institute will be constructed as a part of a $3 million rehab of a Lazy Boy warehouse purchased and owned by the firm for its new headquarters, which will include 35 advisory offices. The institute will include a gym with its own hours of operation, business structure and leadership, and will offer clients a comprehensive wellness experience, including nutrition… Read Full Article Here!